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Safety precautions for kids during Holi: Home-Made Holi Colours for Toddlers

Kids enjoy Holi the most. But colours can be harsh for their skin and eyes. We list out a few safety precautions to keep in mind by Amrita Manku, expert at Momspresso.

Use eco-friendly colours

Use herbal, natural and skin friendly colours, as these colours are easy to wash off and cause no damage to the skin. You can also make your own colour for kids by mixing aataa or maida with haldi for a yellow, sindoor for red, crushed rose petals for a blush pink. You can also use different food colours for more shades.


It is essential to apply coconut oil on their hair and waterproof moisturizer on their face, before stepping out.

Wear full sleeves

Make them full sleeves shirts or t-shirts and leggings that cover your kid”s legs fully, so that their sensitive body parts are not exposed to harmful colours.

Wear sunglasses

Protect your kid”s eyes by making them wear sunglasses. If colour enter the eyes, immediately rinse with cold water. Wearing a bandana on the forehead can also be helpful for kids.

Avoid harsh soaps

Try using baby shampoos and soap to get rid of the colours, avoid using harsh soaps and shampoos which will only spoil your kid”s skin. Make a homemade simple paste to remove the colour and to ensure smooth skin which is not flaky and dry. For this mix besan with honey, a pinch of haldi and raw milk, make a paste and apply it all over, leave it for 10 minutes and scrub it off with lukewarm water for an easy removal.

Home-Made Holi Colours for Toddlers

Holi parties and ”Holi Millan” have been cancelled with the onset of COVID-19 so its best to keep things simple and homely. Kuhoo Gupta, Parenting Coach and Founder of The K Junction shows you how your kids can still enjoy a fun filled day without worry.

Colours of Holi used to be created from spring blooming flowers. To get different hues, experts used to dry the petals of different vibrant flowers in the shade and crush them which resulted in a fine powder. The season of Holi is also popularly known to be a spring festival and the flowering of Palash and Holi were both aligned with Spring.

So the petals of palash, roses and many other flowers like Amaltas (Cassia fistula), Marigold/Gainda (Tagetes erecta), Yellow Chrysanthemums, Black Babul (Acacia arabica) can be used to make different colours at home. Let the kids help in making the colours which creates a fun activity and builds excitement.


Since Holi mainly signifies red or saffron colour (Gulal) which represents fire to reflect the essence of beauty, ritual, tradition and is known to be highly auspicious.

1. Dry the petals of Red Rose or Palash (or any flower can be taken) in the sun and after they become crisp dry, they can be powdered in a mixer and a little flour to increase the volume.

2. Red Hibiscus flowers can be dried in shade and blended in a mix to a powder consistency.

3. Red Wet Holi Powder

4. Take a 100 stems and either soak them in water overnight or boil in a covered vessel. Strain the water through a net strainer in a different bowl; you can press the flowers with your hand to get the all the water out of it. This coloured water is fun for a wet holi and can be mixed with pure water for a diluted shade. Watch your kids You can fill their balloons or cannons and fire away.


Use various green leafy vegetables to get shades of green colour. You can make a paste and mix it or boil it with water following the instructions above and play away.

Dry Powders with Flour and Food Colours

Take rice flour, add proportionate food colour and mix it with two teaspoons of water to make a thick paste. Leave it to dry in the sun and then blend it in a grinder to use as powdered colour.


1. rice flour – 1-2 cups

2. food colouring

3. water

4. mixer grinder


1. Take rice flour as per the quantity of colour you want to make. Take separate cups for different colours.

2. Add water to the cups to make a thick paste like consistency of the rice flour

3. Add food colouring to the cups as per your colour choice

4. Mix to get a uniform paste

5. Pour it in different plates and lay it in the sun to dry. In a day or two, you will start seeing cracks in that, it means it has dried up.

6. Take that dried paste and grind it in your mixer grinder to make it in powder form.

Your home made natural Holi dry colours are ready to use!


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